Born and Raised at Lake Mecosta. My grandparents, Ray and Barbara came to Blue Lake in 1943. They built Doyle's Supper Club and served the community until retirement in 1972. Now "The Blue Lake Tavern" has continued my grandparents legacy. The pictures in BLT, show the great Doyle history of the "Early Days" at Blue Lake.

My passion for our Lakes Area, started at an early age. In 1960, my Dad, R.J. opened Doyle Realty. He was one of the first Real Estate offices in the Mecosta Area. My Mom, Barb an RN at Mecosta County General hospital. My upbringing, made me realize that I wanted to live and raise my family here.

I became a licensed Real Estate agent in 1980. From 1980 to 1988, I worked for Don Bollman, the Founder/Developer of Canadian Lakes. At that time Bob Doerr was my direct boss. Bob's hard work ethic was very instrmental in my young adult life.

In 1989, I went to work full time for my Dad and became a Real Estate Broker. In 1998, I became the Owner / Broker of Doyle Realty.

Living at Lake Mecosta for 30 years of my adult life, has made me appreciate living and working in Mecosta County. I have been a Tri-Lakes Association Board Member for 20 + years, currently as the President. To me MECOSTA COUNTY is "PURE MICHIGAN".  Kevin Doyle